Its been sometime... Again

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Its been sometimes since i last published my post, AGAIN. Well, I'm trying to keep myself busy with my daily life. Unknown for what reason, i found myself at home today, after a breakfast, got into and here I'm writing this.

It have been a long ride to me. As all the while I keep finding activities for myself. Whether its a badminton game, a gathering, a snooker or even gamble. Everything to me is like so fresh.

I have never had a life like this before, but people do change right? However its not my heart that have changed, but rather I'm trying to change my heart, which I failed all the times.

Some words are meant to be private and confidential but still, I cant keep it to myself. Here is the only place which I can voice out. But I still feel so insecure. As this is publish publicly, LOL.

Lots of things happen lately which made me grew up, being a much much more mature guy, I THINK. However I cant resist the temptation of being flirtatious. I know i know that I'm not supposed to do so, but then nothing really happen. I'm just being talkative, so please don't, really, don't get me wrong. I hate being misunderstand, yet I am 100% lazy to explain. I only explain myself when I am alone, or I only will explain whenever I'm here. This is due to that no one will even read this fucking post.


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